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Be Aware of Phishing Domain Registrars’ E-mail Spam

There has been a flood of e-mail spasm around the Net these days asking domain name registrars to login to their accounts and apply some changes to their domain information! The links directs to different URLs and extract your proprietary information!

We have received some e-mails from leading domain name registering networks warning their customers regarding these phishing. A copy of a warning from Network Solutions is enclosed.

Dear Valued Network Solutions(R) Customer:

We’ve recently become aware of a phishing scam targeting domain name customers of a small number of registrars including Network Solutions(R). We wanted to alert you of
this situation. Phishing is the practice of luring unsuspecting Internet users to a fake Web site by using an authentic-looking e-mail in an attempt to steal passwords, account information or other sensitive data.

At this time, we know that fraudulent e-mails are being sent to some domain name customers, regardless who the registrar of record is, which include links to sites that
look like or other domain provider sites; however they are fake Web sites. These e-mails are attempting to capture login information.

If you believe you have received an e-mail of this type, have clicked on the link, and provided your login information, we recommend the following for security

  1. Log in to your account from your registrar’s web site.
    2. Review your account information for accuracy
    3. Choose a new password security question and answer
    4. Change your password

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