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Power of META Tags

Internet is the next industrial revolution of human history. It’s the biggest library created by Human and available to all without barriers (at least for now!) But like any library of knowledge, cataloging and efficient categorization of this humongous knowledge base is and will be the most challenging aspect of this system of global information. This is the main reason why search engines are becoming so popular.

Based on many research and publications, over %85 of all Internet users rely on search engines to find their needed information. To effectively put any web site onto this global map, web sites must be planned and developed with search engines in mind. How to be indexed by different search engines have become an art and science of its own. Your site will be more effective if you can get a listing near the top of your category.

Most search engines use automated programs (called Spiders and Crawlers) to index the Internet and place web sites into their databases. These programs access millions of web sties and their document automatically, and based on some predefined metrics, they rank the web sites for their placements when people are looking for relevant information. The use of search engines crawlers come to picture when we know what they are looking for in order to rank a given web site. Some of the ranking algorithm is seeking for relevant information placed on the header of each web page such META information (enclosed within Meta Tags). This is only one way of ranking.

Insertion of Meta Tags into the web pages by itself does equate to an effective Search Engine Optimization. However, this is one way to help crawlers to index web sites. We at Softinet employ different methods to place our clients’ web site on higher search results. Contact us (408.730.0090) or send us an email for a full Search Engine optimization and let us help your web site to reachable by more visitors.

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