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What We Do Regarding Website Optimization

Proposal & Analysis
We will conduct an initial assessment of your website, highlighting the major SEO trouble spots found on your site that can cause search engines to misunderstand your site, or worse not even be able to read and index your web pages. We will provide a high level view of the changes we would propose making to your site. This is deliberately high level as the full analysis is part of our services and takes longer time when done correctly. Once we are engaged to carry out optimization to your website, we will provide the following major activities.

Initial SEO Steps

  • Keyword research is the most important first step. We would usually concentrate on one to five key phrases for the whole site (theme) and one to three phrases for a single web page.
  • Competition analysis (their market place / share, their rank – for which terms, out-bound links, etc.) will b ring your website as vertical marketing optimization to outperform your competition.
  • W3C compliance of your website and fixing its broken codes to make sure it is search engine friendly.
  • Inbound Link generation by submitting to thousands of search engines, even though your website will be found by search engines naturally due to our SEO services. This is just a faster inbound link generation.
  • Sitemap development as the crawlers of the larger search engines would index your site easily via your website sitemap.

Ongoing SEO Services

  • Web analytics which will allow us to measure your internet and online activities and track / measure your online marketing effectiveness. Ongoing web traffic analysis will ensure Return on Investment (ROI) in any type of marketing campaign online such as SEO, paid search, display advertising, email marketing, social media or affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Content generation as your website has to change and grow over time. Providing good quality content that is related to what you do, but not necessarily aimed to sell something directly is the best opportunity to increase website traffic and exposure of your business.
  • Link Building to make your website and online presence as a part of growing WEB. Inbound links play an important role in virtually every search engine when it comes to ranking pages in their search results. This is a never ending process – while it happens naturally, it is advisable to be more pro-active from your part to get more and good inbound links.
  • Engagement, Trust and Community Building, as social media and social networking is the underlying core elements of recent expansion of web community. People will talk about you, with or without you being around if you have up-to-date and interactive online presence. We will take the opportunity to make your website to become part of the discussion to build trust and deeper relationships with your customers or potential customers.
  • Ranking and Traffic Analysis to provide you realistic results of where your website is today, and to be able to compare it with data in the future. We will create points of references as how your online presence is doing and what to be done to increase your results, be on top of the search results, and create more sales leads.
  • Conversion Analysis to reach the end-point; your bottom line, as do you make profit or you lose money due to your online activities. All of our online efforts have to contribute directly or indirectly to a positive Return of Investment, regardless of our products, services, or the type of our community engagement. We will provide you details to increase conversion.
Contact Softinet (408.730.0090) or send us an email and ask about our e-Marketing services.

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